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Stinging wake up call…

This morning I probably had the worse wake up call ever! I woke up to something stinging or biting me on my stomach. I brushed my hand over where the pain was and I felt some kind of bug or thing that I had just pushed further down towards my thighs.

It was an angry wasp!

The wasp was getting squashed between the duvet and me so it was stinging me repeatedly on my legs and thighs. I eventually came to my senses, realised what was happening flung myself sideways and fell out of bed and smacked my head on the drawers near the bed and kicked the duvet off me! 

I pretty much nearly screamed and made a right load of noise throwing myself out of the bed. I’m pretty sure I woke up the other people in the house. Oops! Needless to say that was not the wake up call I needed at 5:45am! Hrmph! 

I now have 7 red circles about 10 cm in diameter all over my stomach and legs. I also have a throbbing headache from smacking my head on the units and I feel abit nauseous. I’m being careful to make sure that I don’t have an allergic reaction to the stings but I am hoping I should be fine… 

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